2 Realtors Are Raising the Bar for Listing Videos & Personal Branding

Steven Caban

Steven Caban May 6, 2020 1:33:39 PM

2 Realtors Are Raising the Bar for Listing Videos & Personal Branding

Every listing video a Realtor publishes that doesn't include their voice and likeness is a missed opportunity to build their personal brand and become an instantly recognizable real estate professional.

Lets face it, we don't need listing videos to merely show the rooms and finishes, a video should be a guided tour that highlights the key benefits, wow factors, and experience of living in a home and lifestyle of a neighborhood!

That's why Compass Agents Jake Tasharski and James D'Astice | Moda Group of Compass Real Estate in Chicago are changing the script. 


Jake Tasharski 


In an earlier career, Jake Tasharski trained Apple Store employees to deliver the best customer experience possible. 

He takes the same approach to his blooming real estate business by delivering experiences with extra attention to detail, and delights clients through every step of the buying and selling process.

Jake recently listed a unique top-level duplex with dual outdoor terraces in Wicker Park and wanted to make a video that called out the wow factors.

Check out Jake's presentation of 1644 N Claremont Unit 3!
Jake Tasharski - 1644 N Claremont Unit 3 v2


James D'Astice | Moda Group


With a degree in Marketing & Advertising, James D'Astice with Compass Real Estate knows the importance of meticulous branding.

He has gone the whole nine to make sure his team MODA GROUP has visuals assets like an animated logo and other visual motifs to make their content instantly recognizable. 

2157 N Lincoln Ave #2 is an expertly renovated and furnished 2 level town-home steps away from Oz Park, and even boasts a skyline view!

In their video James' wife and business partner explores the space on-camera to provide a sense of scale and comfort.

Watch how James presents 2157 N Lincoln Ave Unit A2!
2157 N Lincoln Ave. Unit A2 - Moda Group


How To Film a Branded Real Estate Listing Video

Injecting your personal brand into your listing videos is simple and straightforward but it does require some effort:

  1. Create a short but punchy script. Deliver a 3-4 sentence "elevator pitch" to the potential buyers out there. You only get one shot to leave an impression for thousands of potential viewers and let them know who in their neighborhood markets and sells luxury homes.
  2. Get action shots. Does the home have cool interactive features like hidden storage or intelligent homes devices? Use a stand-in or get in front of the camera yourself to showcase these features.
  3. Use great audio capture and music to set the mood. Listing photos provide information but video is all about emotion! Set the tone with dreamy music and a wax poetic voice-over script to make the audience feel at home.
  4. Pace the edit. Don't show too much or hang onto clips for too long. There is an art and science to how viewer's eyes travel around the frame. Once your clip has made its point, make a well-timed transition to the next clip, and maintain continuity so viewers know where they are at all times. 

All these small things add up to a truly epic listing video experience. To stay in the loop on real estate video marketing be sure to subscribe and share!

If you are ready to start making branded listing videos today, schedule a call with us or go to our online store at store.fullbarsmedia.com.



Steven Caban

Steven Caban

With a background in insurance an real estate, Steven now creates brand experiences that connect reputable financial service companies with their target audiences.

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